Consumer mHealth

The mHealth wearables revolution is a mega-trend in the healthcare industry and provides a pathway to improve individual health states and lowering overall cost of care.

Fundamental to this mega-trend is the need for low-cost wireless sensors that are integrated into our smartphones and the cloud. In addition, low-cost sensor technology is facilitating data parallelization between clinical care settings and mobile and home settings allowing physicians direct connectivity to monitor their patient’s health remotely. LifeWave Biomedical’s UWB technology enables small, wireless, wearable sensors that expands the range of physiologic monitoring capability to assess a diverse set of physiologic phenomena.

Mobile Health solutions are a key driver to digital health and are transforming healthcare. Consumers want to take responsibility and control of their own health and the Affordable Care Act is providing economic incentives which are pushing healthcare from the hospital. Powerful physiologic sensors integrated with smart phones enable this revolution. LifeWave Biomedical’s UWB physiologic sensors are wireless and wearable and optimized for particular applications.

LifeWave Biomedical’s UWB physiologic sensors are easily implemented are small, wireless and wearable. These innovations can sense a diverse set of physiologic parameters thus enabling the diagnosis and treatment of a large number of medical conditions outside of the clinic. Acquired physiologic data is continuously and wirelessly uploaded to the cloud enabling physicians direct connectivity to monitor their patients’ health seamlessly. This low-cost sensor technology facilitates physiologic data parallelization between all care settings and mobile settings.